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As a site administrator I can create a custom master that can be used as the foundation to create site pages


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      LPS-102202 introduces the concept of Master Pages which can have common elements across several fragment based pages.

      The goal of this Story is to add support for custom master pages for a site. A master can be created using the same tool as other Page Templates, using layouts and fragments. In addition to that, each master must have one and only one special "fragment" which specified the area where creators of pages based on this master will be able to place the page-specific fragments (Some potential names for this special fragment are: "Drop Zone", "Page Fragments Zone", ...).

      It must be possible to keep a Master in draft mode when it's first created and when a later update is done, until all desired changes are made. Whenever changes are made and published, they must be propagated to all pages based on the master.

      Configuration & Look and feel 

      When editing the "Look and feel" of a Master only the following options must be shown:

      • Theme
      • JavaScript: This would be added in addition to what each specific page may provide.

      In other words, the following sections are not shown:

      • Master
      • Mobile device rules

      Also, when editing a page with a master other blank, the page editor should not be able to change the Theme (since it should use the one chosen in the master).

      Master pages should not provide access to the configuration (General, SEO) at this point. Later on we can reconsider whether it would make sense to support some SEO options that could be automatically applied to all pages with the master.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Given a custom master has been created in a site 
      • When a user tries to create a new page
      • Then the custom master must be offered as an option to create the page and when the page is created the common elements must be part of the page
      • Given a page created with a custom master as its base
      • When the page is edited
      • Then the fragments from the master cannot be changed in any way and fragments can only be added to the area identified as the "Drop Zone" by the master creator
      • Given a valid master
      • When the creator publishes it
      • Then the changes must be propagated to all pages, page templates and display pages based on the master 
      • Given a master
      •  When the creator are editing the page
      •  Then the configuration icon are not shown


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