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As a Developer I'd like to easily extend Site Settings application leveraging the New Site Settings




      Each Liferay site has a significant degree of configurability. Currently most of the configuration options are accessible to site administrators through the "Site Settings" application. This application contains configuration options organized in 4 categories: General, Social, Languages and Advanced. In addition to "Site Settings" there are also other configuration applications: "Social Activity", "Redirection", "Translation", "Mobile Device Families" and "Workflow".

      In recent Liferay versions a new Configuration Framework has been introduced, facilitating making any application and service configurable. This new Configuration Framework automatically generates a configuration UI for the whole system (available through the "System Settings" application) and for each virtual instance (available through the "Instance Settings" application). The Configuration Framework also allows developers to create configurations that can be different per site, however there isn't yet a site-level application that allows site administrators to change such site configuration. Instead, developers have to create their own applications or extend "Site Settings" through the mechanisms it provides (JSP override or Form Navigator screens).

      In 7.2, a new application was introduced in an attempt to solve this problem. It is also called "Site Settings" and it works exactly like the pre-existing "Instance Settings" and "System Settings" but on a site level. However, this application has been left disabled out of the box, because it would be quite confusing for users to have two applications with the same name (or a similar one) with some options being the same while others being different.


      The goal of this Epic is to Enable the new "Site Settings" application and keep the existing GUI for accessing the different applications. Once this Epic finished, there should be one and only one "Site Settings" application.

      New design:


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