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As an Admin willing to use the new site settings I want old site settings UI to be converted into the new, category based settings application for sites




      The old Settings portlet allowed site administrators to configure a given site. This portlet had a traditional UI. LPS-102441 has introduced a new way of doing site-level configuration, which leverages the configuration infrastructure already present for Instance Settings and System Settings. This makes site-level configurability much easier for developers. However, at this point there are two separate applications to change the settings which does not make sense for users.

      The goal of this story is to merge both applications. This will be achieved by breaking the old settings portlet in pieces and placing them within categories in the new settings application UI.


      Given a Liferay installation with a site with a modified configuration defined in Configuration > Settings

      When upgrading to 7.4

      Then all the configuration is preserved


      Given a new site is created

      When a site administrator accesses the new site settings application

      Then all the configuration has the default values (same as current default config. values) and organized as follow: see mapping doc below


      Given a site with no custom settings

      When a virtual instance administrator changes the default values for site-level configuration in Instance Settings

      Then the new settings are applied to the site


      Given a site with no custom settings

      When a site administrator changes any of the configuration settings

      Then the new settings work as expected within the site


      See old to new config mapping: here

      Technical notes

      A first step could be to convert the entire form into a ConfigurationScreen. After this, identify parts of the big form that are already backed by Configuration interfaces and use the UI generation. In some cases it might be necessary to use custom ConfigurationScreens to be able to keep the existing UI (if it's clearly better than the auto-generated one).





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