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Criteria values can be limited to a vocabulary



      Having open-ended values for criteria such as query-parameters can be confusing for marketers. There should be a way to limit values to predefined options.


      A good example is Device Brand (or worse Device Model) criteria. There is no real way for a marketing person to have a firm grasp of what the allowable values for this field could or should be. The taxonomy of values should be defined by a domain expert which the marketing person can then refer to easily.

      A second benefit is reusing the same taxonomy in various places across a site or portal instance.

      The segment designer should not have to keep track of taxonomy of values for concepts foreign to them when building criteria.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • when creating a condition whose input is free-form it should be possible to draw from an established taxonomy
      • accessing a given taxonomy should be easy and intuitive
      • defining a taxonomy should not require software development
      • taxonomies should be available across multiple input scenarios besides
        • content creation
        • content filtering
        • configuration management
        • user segmentation




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