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Dynamic list set to spanish fails to save record



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Instance Settings
      2. Click on the Localization option.
      3. Set español (España) as default language and only leave español (España) On the available languages. Click on Save.
      4. Go to the Site options on the left panel and on Contenido go to Listas de datos dinamicos.
      5. Click on the plus sign to create a new one.
      6. Put a name (I put "codigo-departamento" as the customer)
      7. On Definición de datos click on Seleccionar.
      8. Clic on the plus to add a new data definition.
      9. Set a name (I put again "codigo-departamento" just as the customer)
      10. Add a Text name it "Código" and on Requerido set
      11. Add a Text box and name it "Departamento" and on Requerido set .
      12. Be sure that the default language is español (España).
      13. Click on Guardar (Save) to create a Data Definition.
      14. Click on Guardar to save de Dynamic data list.
      15. Click on the Dynamic Data List just created and click on the plus sign to create a new record.
      16. On the language tab select es-ES if it is not already selected
      17. Just put "test" on both fields and click on Publish.

      Expected behaviour:

      Record is saved.

      Actual behaviour:

      Record is not saved. A message appears saying: "Error:Su petición no se ha podido realizar correctamente."


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