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Split the special "Layout" fragment into two separate fragments to provide more flexibility and facilitate understanding the page structure


    • Manual, Integration


      Currently Section Builder allows creating a layout with a single element called "Layout" which can be configured to have one or more columns, paddings, background, etc.

      The goal of this story is to split this functionality in two separate elements which can be used independently if desired. The proposed names for the two fragments are:

      1. Section/Container: Contains the configuration for the container (fluid or fixed), vertical and horizontal paddings, background color and background image.
      2. Row/Columns: Allows defining several columns. It can be configured in the number of columns and whether there is a columns gutter or not. 

      A columns fragment can be added inside a section/container or directly in the page canvas. In the latter page, a section/container is added automatically and the row fragments is added inside.

      Some benefits of this Story are:

      1. It's possible to add fragments directly within a section/container, if no columns are desired. 
      1. It's possible to add several Rows fragments inside one container, allowing table-like functionality, which was not so easy before.
      1. It's now possible to add any fragment directly in the canvas, without the need for a container outside.


      Test Cases

      Test Scenarios Test Strategy Kind of test Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd ? (unit or integration)
      Container fragment can separately set Top padding and Bottom padding Smoke Manual Yes No
      Can add a Columns fragment to Container Smoke Manual No No
      Columns fragment can set the number of columns and with columns gutter or not Smoke Manual Yes No
      Can add several Row fragments to one container Smoke Manual No No
      Can add fragments directly without container to page Smoke Manual No No
      Container fragment can set Fixed Width or Fluid in which can set horizontal padding Regression Manual No No
      Container fragment can set Background Color and Background Image Regression Manual No No


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