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CKEditor's Image Properties modal is not destroyed upon saving a web-content



      Reproduction steps:
      1) Start 7.1.x
      2) setup CKEditor as default editor in portal-ext
      3) Start up the portal and login as admin
      4) At Product Menu / Web Content create a new Basic Web Content
      5) Insert an image to the content field (by uploading a test image)
      6) Add a value to Alternative Text field and hit OK
      7) Publish the web content
      8) Open again the web content for edit
      9) Right click on the image and select Image Properties

      The alternative text will be empty. If right click does not work: double left-click.

      The issue is not reproducible trough a web-content-display-portlet, because upon saving the article, the modal will be destroyed as well as the image properties popup.
      The issue is not reproducible with SPA off, as it will reload the page, destroying the modal.

      Root cause:
      -The image properties modal is not destroyed when closing it, neither when we publish the web content. It will stay in the DOM (hidden). When trying to reopen the Image Properties modal, the old one will be above the new and causing the issue

      I added WCM as a component, as they are the consumers of the editor and it's plugins. The task of clearing up after publishing a web content should be handled on the app level.




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