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Encountering an exception during an LDAP import causes the user to be removed from the User Group



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In LDAP create a group named groupA and a user named userA and associate the two. In addition create another group named groupB and a user named userB and associate those two.
      2. In the portal set up LDAP setting the Import Method to Group
      3. For the LDAP server mappings set Email Address to something that is not unique in LDAP such as description and make sure to update this field in LDAP accordingly. This is needed to create a scenario where there are duplicate email addresses but duplicating userprincipalname in LDAP is not possible.
      4. Wait for the import to finish and confirm there are two users and two user groups and the users are members of the user groups accordingly
      5. In LDAP change userB's email address (whatever this is mapped to) to match userA's email address
      6. Wait for the import to finish again

      Expected Results
      userB is not modified since the user could not be imported.

      Actual Results
      userB is removed from groupB




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