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As an Instance Administrator, I want to be able to manage optional verification steps that End User can set up as an additional verifier of one verification step to sign into the portal




      It is possible to configure verification steps on the portal instance or MFA level configuration that allows End Users to set up and apply them to their login process.

      The End User must fulfill all the configured requirements before entering the portal.

      • The End Users have all verification method options to fulfill the requirements
      • The End Users may switch between any available verification method

      Optional means, there may be more verifier options within one verification step where End User must setup at least one verification for the step, but they can configure more additional optionally.

      Design Deliverables

      Verification Steps

      Acceptance Criteria

      Note for QA: for now, clicking on the "Generate a new time-based one-time password configuration." button will remove the TOTP setting and so technically that step switches TOTP off for the specific End User. Technically, this covers the 2nd acceptance criterion. However, there is a new story that has been created to have a more obvious way for that: LPS-115566, so we do not need to hold this one back only because of that.

      1. As an Instance Administrator, I want to let End Users to set up optional verification steps that appears during their sign in process to the portal with the appropriate step's screen.
      2. As an Instance Administrator, I want to let End Users to remove optional verification steps and so make that disappear from my sign in process to the portal.


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