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Friendly URL is lost when updating a web content item



      Republishing a Web Content article causes the Friendly URL to be lost

      Steps to reproduce

      1.Login and navigate to Control Panel > Build > Pages
Create a new Private Page called Test Page A

      2. Add an Asset Publisher to Test Page A (append URL from 'web' to 'group' to access page to do this)

      3. Configure the Asset Publisher to be the default:
      Kebab button > Display settings > Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page > Save

      4. Navigate to Control Panel > Content > Web Content

      Create a new Basic Web Content called Test Content adding test values to fields: Summary and Content

      5. Select: Display Page dropdown: Use a specific display page for the web content > Choose button > Private Pages > Liferay > Select: Test Page A > Press: Done

      6. Select: Friendly URL > input: testcontenta 

      Full URL becomes: http://localhost:8080/web/guest/-/testcontenta

      7. Press Publish

      8. Navigate to directly to http://localhost:8080/group/guest/-/testcontenta (note: URL is the same as specified)

      9. Click on the Elipsis menu -> Select: Edit > Click: Publish

      Expected Behavior
      The Friendly URL configured in steps 6 and 8 is kept

      Actual Behavior
You will be redirected to a URL that uses the asset publisher URL instead of the friendly URL.
      Similar to: http://localhost:8080/group/guest/test-page-7.1.x/-/asset_publisher/91FhKNWJzUWV/content/testcontenta?_com_liferay_asset_publisher_web_portlet_AssetPublisherPortlet_INSTANCE_91FhKNWJzUWV_languageId=en_US




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