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Asset Publisher duplicates web content titles in html title



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create and publish a Web Content with the title "Press Release - New Product";
      2. Add an Asset Publisher to a page and define it as the default Asset Publisher for that page:
        • Got to Asset Publisher's Configuration > Display Settings > Set and Enable > Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page;
        • If you´re using Liferay 7.0 select Asset Publisher's Configuration > Display Settings > Asset Link Behavior > view in context
      3. Edit the Web Content:
        • Go to Web Content's Properties > Display Page Template and set "Specific Display Page Template", then select the page on which the Asset Publisher is;
      4. View the page with the Asset Publisher and click on the Web Content's title (if you're using Liferay 7.1.x and 7.0.x, you have to access the full content by entering the Web Content's friendly URL in order to see the behavior: http://localhost:8080/web/guest/-/press-release-new-product);
      5. Check your browser's tab title.

      Expected Results
      The HEAD tag's title of the page is just the name of the Web Content appended by the Site's name like so: "Press Release - New Product - Liferay".

      Actual Results
      The Web Content's title is duplicated and appended by the Site's name in the HEAD tag's title: "Press Release - New Product - Press Release - New Product - Liferay"




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