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Display Page always get Public Pages look&feel settings



      When creating a Display Page for a Web Content Structure, it is always created with the look and feel of public pages even if there is no public page created.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a Site with just two Private Pages at main level
      2. Set Classic as the theme for the site (Site Builder > Pages then press the settings icon near Private Pages to confirm the theme for the site)
      3. Confirm that if you visit those two Pages there is a Navigation Builder with the two Pages added
      4. Create a Display Page for Web Content on Site Builder > Pages > Display Page Templates. Press the "+" button, give it a name and select "Web Content Article", "Basic Web Content"

      Expected Result
      The page that gets generated has the Private Pages look&feel so it has a navigation menu with two pages

      Actual Result
      The page that gets generated has no menu as it is not using the Private Pages Look and Fell. Quite the contrary, it is using the unset Public Pages look & Feel

      NOTE. You can also create a Web Content, set its Display Page to the created one, add an Asset Publisher into a Widget or Content Page, and confirm that the URL that gets generated includes "/web" instead of "/group". And finally confirm the same: if you click in the asset publisher link, the page that gets generated has the Public Pages look and feel.


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