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As a content author I can edit my content mapped to a page without the need for the "Update Inline Content" permission




      LPS-96795 introduced the ability for content authors to edit their content directly from the page where it's displayed (through mapping, fragment, widget). However it requires that the user has the new "Update Inline Content".

      The goal of this story is to automatically give a content author permission to access the "Content edition" mode for a page if the user has permission to edit any of the content displayed in the page. This should work for content displayed through any of the following methods:

      • Content mapping
      • Web Content Display
      • Asset Publisher: manual selection (mandatory) and dynamic selection (desirable)

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Given a page with one or more web content or documents or blog entries displayed through mapping or web content display or asset publisher manual configuration
      • When a user with permission to edit at least one of the content but no permission to edit the page views it
      • Then the user should see an edit icon in the control menu¬†and clicking it should take the user to a page edition UI with a panel listing all content displayed in the page and the ability to go to the edition form for those content that the user has permission to edit


      The original design for this feature proposed showing an edit icon for each editable field which is mapped to a content. However this was discarded (at least temporarily) due to the technical difficulty combined with doubts that it would potentially add too much cluttering to the view mode for content editors.



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