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Definition of editable elements with data-* attributes



      Our existing editable fields use a custom HTML element named `lfr-editable` with some attributes defining the attribute type and id. This API is valid standard HTML, but it has some caveats:

      • lfr-editable tags need to be replaced with some other arbitrary tag in production. We are currently using divs, but user's may want to use another tag. Moreover, this produces inconsistencies between the view mode (which has a <div>) and the edit mode (which has the original <lfr-editable/> tag).
      • lfr-editable tags require an id attribute to identify editables, which has to be unique within the fragment. But that causes some confusion since in HTML ids must be unique in the whole document.

      The goal of this Epic is to provide an alternative way to define editable fieldsby using data-* attributes. This method does not require adding extra elements in the production HTML markup.




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