User Clicks on [Add Page]
      User names page [Blogs Test Page]
      User Clicks [Save]
      User Clicks on [Blogs Test Page]
      User Clicks [Add] at the top left navigation bar
      User Clicks [More...]
      User Clicks [Collaboration]
      User adds [Blogs] by Clicking Add
      User Clicks [Add Blog Entry]
      User Enters content in the [Title] field
      User Enters content in the [Content] field
      User Selects [Community Members] from the Viewable by drop down
      User clicks [More Options>>]
      User flags the [Update] check box for the Community Member role
      User Clicks on [Control Panel] through the Manage drop down
      User clicks [Users]
      User clicks [Add]
      User enters the following:
      Screen Name
      Email Address
      First Name
      Middle Name
      Last Name
      User clicks [Save]
      User clicks [Password]
      User enters [test] in the Password field
      User enters [test] in the Enter Again field
      User clicks [Save]
      User clicks [Communities]
      User Clicks [Actions]
      User Clicks [Assign Members]
      User clicks [Available]
      User flags [Test1]
      User clicks [Update Associations]
      User clicks [Back to Guest]
      User logs out
      User verifies that the Guest user cannot view the Entry
      User logs in as Test1
      User clicks [Edit]
      User appends [Edited] in the Title text field
      User appends [Edited] in the Content text area
      User clicks [Save]
      User verifies that the entry has been edited
      User clicks [Control Panel] at the Manage Dropdown

      Error:Test1 User go to the Private Pages.




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