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Model name not shown when adding a fragment with item selector configuration to a content page



      Steps to reproduce:

      • Go to Content & Data > Web Content
      • Click + to add a new Basic Web Content
      • Provide a title and a content, and publish it
      • Edit the web content, and check in the side bar, in Basic Information the ID for it, since we are going to use it. We'll also need the classNameId for JournalArticle, this can be done through the following script in Server administration
      number =com.liferay.portal.kernel.service.ClassNameLocalServiceUtil.getClassNameId("com.liferay.journal.model.JournalArticle");
      • Go to Site Builder > Page Fragments
      • Click + to add a new Fragment Collection
      • Provide a name, and save
      • Click + to add a new Fragment
      • Provide any text in the HTML field
      • Go to the configuration tab, and specify the following changing classPK with the resourcePrimKey of the article and classNameId with the classNameId of JournalArticle:
      	"fieldSets": [
      			"fields": [
      					"defaultValue": {
      						"className": "com.liferay.journal.model.JournalArticle",
      						"classNameId": "number",
      						"classPK": "resourcePrimKey"
      					"name": "itemSelector1",
      					"type": "itemSelector"
      • Publish the fragment
      • Go to Site Builder > Pages
      • Click + to create a new Page
      • Choose blank, and provide a name to it
      • From the sidebar select the fragment that was created beforehand, and drag and drop it to the page
      • Click on the fragment > cog, so that the item selector is shown

      Expected result: The name of the web content is shown in the select field

      Actual result: No name is shown




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