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"Available" vs. "Current" language configuration is confusing


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add content repository
      2. Navigate to languages tab
      3. Click radio to define a custom default language

      Actual result:
      The radio text reads:

       Define a custom default language and additional available languages for this repository. 

      Expected result:
      Since a user is more concerned about defining which languages can actually be used in the repository, the radio text should read:

       Define a custom default language and additional current languages for this repository. 

      This, however, would be a workaround to the bigger issue that I will state below:

      The terms "Available" vs "Current" are confusing. If I select Spanish as an "Available" language for a site or a content repo, at face value that sounds like it is now an available language for me to use when creating content. But in reality what this means is that it is a language I can now potentially use if I choose to do so, but I need to make Spanish a "Current" language in order to actually enable this localization.

      But "Current" could also mean a lot of things, like "Current options to choose from" or "Currently selected options."

      My suggestion is to change the language of Available/Current to Active/Inactive to avoid any confusion.

      I'm adding the WCM component because if this change is going to be made in repositories, it should be applied to sites as well.

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 9.0.17 + MySQL 5.7.
      Portal master 0bd2acaaf1b5db078068c1d45bfe7caf93b7aa51


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