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Image URL's groupId used in Page Fragments does not adjust upon Import



      Importing a Page Fragment that is associated with an image results in the Page Fragment image being broken.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1) Startup Liferay and create a new site
      2) Upload an image to Documents and Media
      3) Go to Documents and Media page under Content and copy the image URL ("Latest Version URL")
      4) Create a Page Fragment that references the images and remove anything appended after the name of the file, like so:

      <div><img alt="test" src="/documents/33710/0/test.png" /></div>

      5) Create a Content Page with the created Page Fragment
      6) Create a Web Content and in the content section, change to the source option and enter the same code entered in step 4
      7) Publish the content and add it to a new widget page using the Web Content Display
      8) Export Page with default export configurations
      9) Start a new instance and create a new Site (make sure the Site ID is different than the first instance)
      10) Import the LAR generated from the Export from first instance
      11) Observe the groupId in the URL of the Web Content source in the new instance was changed
      12) Edit Page Fragment

      Expected Result: groupId changed for Page Fragment as it did for Web Content and shows appropriately on Content Page
      Actual Result: Image still references old groupId, Page Fragment Preview shows broken image, and image does not display in Content Page

      Branch:  Reproduced. 79514b9caa1b2a92a9a4802b11f37475aa3dd5b9
      Master:  Reproduced. 7d5ad70a0a37afe498ace5df736928c41e551f0a




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