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Minimize the time and effort to create and manage personalized variations of collections




      • Create Segments from collections TANGO
      • Review Collection Creation flow: ECHO
        • Move Type and Scope for dynamic collections and Type for manual collections to the first creation modal with the name.
        • Include segment and type and scope in dynamic collection and type in manual collection in the details section below the title.
      • Edit Collections and Variations and allow to edit Anyone (Rename and types) ECHO / TANGO
      • Actions: TANGO
        • Actions in the ellipsis button on the item and in the form close to the title (Already existent: View Items, Delete, Prioritize, Deprioritize) and include icons in the dropdown menu
        • Include Duplicate
        • Warning when deleting
      • Review Responsive. It breaks for big screens too ECHO / TANGO??
      • General changes for variations: TANGO
        • Make the personalized variation a copy from anyone
        • Allow to have more than one variation per segment
        • Always have the plus button for personalized variations (even when there are not segments created). Include tooltip
      • General changes for collections: ECHO
        • Move collections to content and Data (not inside Site Builder)
        • Review form and make it more friendly?
        • Icons for Dynamic and Manual collections must be different and table for Collections
        • Change "Rename" for "Edit Details" or "Configure"
        • Create collection without name: Untitled [Dynamic / Manual] Collection
        • Adjust Empty State for Collections - When creating a collection change text in button of empty state from “New “ to “Create Collection”
      • Manual Collections TANGO
        • Reorder Table in Manual Collections
        • Remove "View Items" from Manual Collections
        • Create variation without name.. If there is no name - Use the Name of the segment


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