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Minimize the time and effort to create and manage personalized variations of collections


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      Engage - Discover Content and Products
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      Optimize - Personalize Experiences and Content
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      To Do


      Problems to solve

      Collections and variations are related and dependent. The Workflow to create a variation is complex. There is other similar flow in portal: pages and experiences.

      1. Go to Design > Collection
      2. Click button "New collection"
      3. Select from dropdown if manual or dynamic (depending on this decision the options in the interface will change)
      4. Name the collection 
      5. Select Item Type (for Manual) or Item Type and Scope (for Dynamic) (Why not having scope for manual?)
      6. Select Items (for Manual) or Include rules and order (for Dynamic)

      The collection is created as a personalized variation named "Anyone" 
      (and if having already created segments is posible to create other variation, let's go 

      1. Click "Create a Personalized Variation"
      2. Select a segment from the modal
      3. Make changes on the form (this is not a copy from "Anyone" variation/collection) 
      • Is Collections placed in the right place in Product Menu?
      • Flows for Manual and dynamic collections are different
      • It is not possible to order variations to prioritize them
      • When there are no segments already created is not possible to create new variations
      • It is not possible to create segments from here, breaking the flow
      • The variation is not a copy from the collection
      • It is not possible to edit after creation
      • There is not a warning when deleting
      • It would be interesting to know which segment is used for that variation
      • It would be good to duplicate from any variation (when creating a new one, it is a copy from default)
      • It would be good to have more than one variation per segment
      • Variation is named after the segment (but if we allow more than one variation per segment it would be good to have a name for variations)
      • The main variation of the collection is named "Anyone" as the segment
      • View Items in manual collections does not have sense (as you can see then directly)

        Proposal for Stories

      • LPS-94252 Create Segments from collections TANGO
      • LPS-142784 Review Collection Creation flow: ECHO/TANGO
        • ECHO:
        • Adjust Empty State for Collections - When creating a collection change text in button of empty state from “New “ to “Create Collection”
        • Use a Wizzard
        • Include a summary view
        • Allow to create collection without name: Untitled Collection
        • TANGO:
        • Make the personalized variation a copy from Default
        • Allow to have more than one variation per segment
        • Always have the plus button for personalized variations (even when there are not segments created). Include tooltip
        • Allow to create variations without name: [Name of the segment]
        • Name "Default" the "Anyone" variation
        • To be done: Search Results for Summary Content Result (Think about pagination and what happens with priority with pagination - for manual collections)
      • LPS-144045 Edit Collections and Variations and allow to edit Anyone (Rename and types) ECHO / TANGO
      • LPS-142785 Actions: TANGO
        • Remove ellipsis from title of the form
        • Existent Actions in the ellipsis button View Items, Delete, Prioritize, Deprioritize ->
        • Remove View Items
        • Include Duplicate
        • Include icons in the dropdown menu
      • LPS-144050 General changes for collections: ECHO
        • Move collections to content and Data (now is inside Site Builder)
        • Icons for Dynamic and Manual collections must be different in the List for Collections
        • Review form for Filter and Order and make it more friendly? (To be done)
      • LPS-144052 Prioritize Content in Manual Collections TANGO


      Figma File

      This is the version where we can choose Dynamic or Manual inside the variation form: Figma


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