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"Recent" and "Mine" document view options show documents from other folders




      When attempting to change the view filter for documents within the documents and media admin portlet, selecting the different options either shows documents from outside the folder, or navigates the user outside the folder (and doesn't show the documents from within the desired subfolder). 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Launch a 7.0.X bundle
      2. Navigate to Site Administration > Documents and Media > ⠇> Document Types, add a new document Type, 'testType' (with an associated metadata - I used a Boolean)
      3. In the root Documents and Media admin directory, create a couple documents of type testType
      4. Create a new folder, 'testFolder'
      5. Inside testFolder, create two documents of type testType, and one Basic Document
      6. Attempt to switch the view to "Recent" or "Mine"

      Instead of only showing documents from within that folder that were uploaded recently or by the user, it unexpectedly shows all documents included by that filter (including those from the root directory).

      7. Navigate within testFolder, then filter the results by Document Types > testType (this worked as expected, only showing the testType documents present in the subfolder) - fixed by LPS-103047.
      8. Still within testFolder, filter the results by "All"

      Results of Testing

       Expected Result: When selecting the "Recent" and "Mine" filters from within the testFolder, it would only show documents from that folder. When switching back to "All," it would show all the documents from within that folder.

       Actual Result: When selecting the "Recent" and "Mine" filter, it shows all documents in all folders that fit the criteria. When selecting "All" (after selecting to view only a test type), it navigates to the root folder (and does not show documents from within the testFolder.


      Reproduced on 7.0.X - Tomcat 8.0.53 + MySQL 5.7.

      GIT ID: 5dcad4abca2b963414ef45ebba20a96afd99584e6


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