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Can not create filter rules with the categories in AP configuration


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      Step to reproduce:

      1. Create a vocabulary and a category in default site:
        • Site Administration > Categorization > Categories
        • Click Add button under user image icon > Type Name > Click Save
        • Click kebab icon of the new vocabulary > Click Add Category > Type Name > Click Save
      2. Create an Asset Publisher portlet to page:
        • Site Administration > Go to Site > Click Add button on the right upper corner
        • Search Asset Publisher in the search bar of Widgets > Click Add button
      3. Configure Asset Publisher portlet:
        • Click kebab icon of Asset Publisher portlet > Click Configuration
        • Setup tab > Asset Selection tab > Expand the Filter panel
        • Click circle icon Add button.
      4. Select Categories as following field and Open browser console.
      5. Click Select button.

      Expected Results:
      The Categories Select popup should display. And there is no error in browser console in Step 4.

      Actual Results:
      The Tags Select popup displays. And the following error is thrown in browser console in Step 4.

      Uncaught Error: No template with namespace "com.liferay.asset.taglib.AssetVocabularyCategoriesSelector.incrementaldom" has been loaded yet.

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 9.0.17 + MySQL 5.7. Portal master GIT ID: 4f9acd3a3bec4784c8b5ba217d9da12476c33559.

      Can not be reproduced on:
      Tomcat 9.0.17 + MySQL 5.7. Portal master GIT ID: 6b4ace1352e5ddc1b81387a43908d9a7a0a9b402.


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