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As a Page Admin I want to have display pages created for categories




      Non-Technical users can add categories to the content they create. A commerce can easily reach thousands of categories that are associated to various type of content: commerce product, blog entries, web content, etc. Creating a page for each of those categories and a navigation is a time consuming process that could lead to errors. Also the content is not static and new categories can be added while others can be removed. Keeping all the relations correctly is a time consuming activity for the content authors.

      A solution to this problem is to generate the display pages for those categories the same way we do it for Web Content, Blogs etc. This solution has the advantage to separate the visual aspect separate from the data that can be evolving upon time. 

      The goal of this epic is providing a way for non-technical users (Marketers and Designers) to create pages based on Categories in few clicks. It also allows to navigate through the display pages and category navigation menu items from the page tree while visualizing the different pages. 

      We'd need to be able to :

      • LPS-110247 - As a DPT creator I would like to create a DPT for a category item type
        • We need to be able to illustrate the selection of the category images, and description
        • We need to be able to view the categories using DPT view Usage
        • Set the default DPT for categories
      • LPS-112578 - As a Page creator I would like to associate a default DPT to a category
        • The default display page template for that category would apply to all children within this category.


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