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As an administrator, I want to define "regular roles" for managing all accounts


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      Account-specific roles split to LPS-107060

      1. Provide the new regular roles ootb:
        1. Account Manager (Note: this is the B2 account manager)
          1. Role Type: Regular
          2. Defined Permissions
            1. All the permissions for Account Power User
            2. Account User
              1. Assign and unassign any account user (no domain restriction)
              2. Create any account user
              3. Delete any account user
            3. Account
              1. Create account
              2. Edit any account
              3. Deactivate any account
              4. Delete any account
              5. Assign and unassign organizations to any account
            4. Account Groups
              1. Create account group
              2. Edit account group
              3. Delete account group
        2. Account Administrator (Note: this is the B2 account admin) (Decided to remove this role)
          1. Role Type: Regular
          2. Defined Permissions
            1. All the permissions for Account Manager
            2. Account Roles
              1. Create roles
              2. Edit account role
              3. Delete account role
            3. Account Page
              1. Create account page
              2. Edit account page
              3. Delete account page

      Acceptance Criteria

      • B2 users who are not assigned the Account Manager or custom role w/ account permissions should not see the Accounts section in the Navigation Menu (original story: LPS-97344)


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