Display the total views at the top of the chart.


      Acceptance Criteria

      Total views of the Asset Display Page

      • Given an Asset Display Page
      • When the user clicks on the Content Performance icon
      • Then the panel displays the total views

      Help text icon is shown along the title “Total Views”

      • Given the Content Performance panel
      • When the user sees the total views
      • Then the help text is displayed along the title

      If there is an unexpected error, a dash is displayed insted of the total number:

      • Given the Content Performance panel
      • When the user sees the total views
      • Then the total count is a dash "-"

      The user views an error if there is no data available or there was a problem (moved to LPS-108068)

      • Given the Content Performance panel
      • When there is an error retrieving the total views
      • Then the UI shows an error or a message indicating that something went wrong (Susana Vázquez defined some alerts)

      Test Scenarios 

      AC ID Test Strategy Test Scenarios Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd? (unit or integration) Poshi?
      01 Smoke Number of total views is displayed for Asset Display Pages YES NO
      02 Sanity Help text icon is displayed along the title "Total Views" YES NO
      03 Smoke An error message is displayed when there is no data or there was a problem A dash character is displayed when there is no data or there was a problem YES NO


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