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Temporary ZIP files can be orphaned while creating Sites from Site Templates


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      In normal operation, a ZIP file is generated during the Site creation process when created through a Site Template. There eventually is a trigger that will delete the temporary ZIP files.

      Under certain conditions, this auto-deletion mechanism will fail (e.g., when sites are being created rapidly). If a site is created through a site template during the time that the auto-deletion is triggered, the subsequent ZIP file from that site creation remains orphaned and will remain unaffected by any auto-deletion triggers.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Start up a Liferay bundle 
      2. Open the $LIFERAY.HOME/tomcat-*/temp directory and keep it open for monitoring
      3. Start up Liferay
      4. Go to Product Menu > Control Panel > Sites > Sites
      5. Click the  button and create a site by either of the two OOTB site templates (i.e., Community Site or Intranet Site)
      6. Give it a title, and create a site - assert that a ZIP file is created in your $LIFERAY.HOME/tomcat-*/temp folder
      7. Click on your browser's back button, then select one of the templates again, and give it a title and create a site
      8. Continue this process rapidly for some time - There will be a point in which the (a) the site is created, (b) the corresponding ZIP file is created, and (c) the folder is cleared out with the exception of the ZIP file from this site
      9. Continue the site creation process via templates until you hit another auto-deletion event

       Actual Behavior
      There is an orphaned ZIP file that will not be affected by the temp folder cleanup event.

       Expected Behavior
      There are no orphaned ZIP files that remain.

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      Master Hash: 6a6b7bbb42844fa45542a5ba874b372eb8a31078




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