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Slowness in forms in IE 11 when using a data provider Select from List field




      This ticket was opened following slowness on IE 11 when inputting data and navigating through forms, and was originally intended to track the build progress for updated 7.1 dxp-13 hotfix for BOWDEALERKYC (to include changes from LPP-34341), and see whether those changes helped resolve the slowness

      However, these changes were not able to be tested in their current form (due to two blocking issues – one being explored in LPP-35476 and another being explored in part in this comment on LPP-34341 – see comments for further details) – the most recent hotfix without any blocking issues for these steps is listed below. This is a separate ticket since, though the root cause may be the same/similar, the steps to encounter the unexpected behavior are different:

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Unzip a 7.1 bundle and patch it to dxp-13 with hotfix-2554
      2. Navigate to [Site_Administration] > Content > Forms > ⠇> Data Providers
      3. Add a new REST Data Provider with the following parameters
      i. Name: Countries
      ii. URL: https://restcountries.eu/rest/v2/all
      iii. Outputs:
      -Label: countries
      -Path: $..alpha2Code
      -Type: List
      iv. Note: when using a slow network, ensure that the timeout is increased from the default 1000 (I used 10,000)
      4. Create a new form
      5. Add a Select from List field to the page
      6. Configure the field to create list From Data Provider
      7. Select the Countries data provider and the countries output parameter
      8. In the properties, select Allow Multiple Selections
      9. Save and Publish form
      10. Sign out, then sign in using IE 11 (if using another browser)
      11. Open the form in Internet Explorer 11, then try to select a few countries

      Note: The slowness becomes more apparent if you add additional fields to the form page

      Results of Testing

      Expected Result: The form field entries would be quickly added, so that the user input appears selected
      Actual Result: When using IE 11, it sometimes takes 5+ seconds after clicking before the entry is recorded in the form, unlike when Chrome or Firefox are in use.


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