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Documents in Staging Site are not accessible to content creators/approvers




      Documents in Staging cannot be viewed or accessed by users with roles that should have permissions to see the documents/images.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Start a clean bundle of DXP 7.0
      2. Login as Test Test (admin user)
      3. Configure Local Live Staging
      4. Create new Site Role, "Site Content Creator" and Define Permissions such that users with this role can view, access, add, update permissions for doc and media-related entries (see attached snapshot of permissions: TestSiteContentCreatorPermissions.png)
      5. Add new User assigned to default site with site role of "Site Content Creator"
      6. On the Staging Site, create a new basic document in Documents and Media with an image
      7. As Admin user (Test Test), verify that thumbnail and preview of image can be viewed
      8. Open a new Incognito Window and login to server as the new user
      9. On the Staging Site, go to Documents and Media

      Expected Results:
      New user with "Site Content Creator" role can see the thumbnail and preview of the document/image

      Actual Results:
      New user with "Site Content Creator" role cannot see the thumbnail and preview of the document/image

      Branch: Reproduced (387be9239881120b7492d5f303678b40dd6f74a1)
      Master: Not Reproduced (ee52a2ebc4cb5863c6a2f75f69cff04ef8ea6cce)

       Additional Notes:
      This bug was/should have been fixed under LPS-95290. However LPS-95290 was not properly backported to 7.0.x and left out a portion of the original fix in 7.0.x. The fix here is essentially rectifying the mistaken 7.0.x backport of LPS-95290.



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                  Version Package
                  7.0.0 DXP FP90
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