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The criteria can't use special characters combined with spaces in the Segments Editor


    The segments editor fails when the user introduces a special character value in the input combined with spaces.

    The problem only occurs when the special character is in the second part of the value.

    For example:

    • PASSED: (firstName eq '+/?%#& test')
    • FAILED:  (firstName eq 'test +/?%#&')

    Those special characters are the following:


    Special character Special meaning Hexadecimal value
    + Indicates a space (spaces cannot be used in a URL). %2B
    / Separates directories and subdirectories. %2F
    ? Separates the actual URL and the parameters. %3F
    % Specifies special characters. %25
    # Indicates bookmarks. %23
    & A separator between parameters specified in the URL. %26

    NOTE: Unskipped test from odata.es.js:157


    test.skip('is able to translate a query string with special characters and spaces to map and back to string', () => {      const testQuery = "(firstName eq 'test +/?%#&')";
          testConversionToAndFrom(testQuery, {properties});    


    Manual test in Portal

    1. Create a user with firstName = 'Test +/?%#&'
    2. Create a new segment where the fistName must be equals to 'Test +/?%#&' and save
    3. Back in the list of available segments select the one created in the previous step
    4. Check that the matching members are still shown but not the configured property (lastName)



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