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A web content is viewable when view of guest is unchecked



      Hi Team,

      Similar to this ticket: https://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-71872 but I found an issue that could be a bug on our website (liferay.com/web/japan). I spoke with our support team but I was told it's a bug, so I'm writing this ticket.

      Step to reproduce:

      1. Click to Control Panel > Web Content
      2. Click Add > Basic Web Content
      3. Click permissions of article
      4. Uncheck the View checkbox of guest
      5. Click Save
      6. Go to Liferay.com/web/japan
      7. Add the Web Content that is created in step5 to a random page
      8. Save it and confirm that the View checkbox of guest is unchecked
      9. Copy the URL of the page 
      10. Paste it on secret window 

      Expected result: the web content can't be viewable from a guest

      Actual result: a content is viewable from a guest via friendly URL 

      *A comment of the ticket (/LPS-71872) says "In order to enable it it is necessary to go to Control Panel -> System Settings -> Web Content and check the "Article view permissions check enabled" checkbox." but we don't see "System Settings" on Control Panel... How can we solve this issue?

       *I can't check the version but we're using DXP 7.2.X¥

      Thank you,

      Yoshi (marketer at Japan office)_




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