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      This morning Brian Chan asked me to go through the existing 5.2x themes and create a list of themes I didn't think should be included for the 6.0 release. The idea is to clean up the selection of themes in order to end up with fewer, well-designed, usable, and practical themes. Brian also said that it might be a good idea to do a bunch of fresh themes to release with version 6. So today, Jon Neal and I came up with some basic requirements to judge the themes by, in order to make deleting themes an easy and consistent process.

      These are the Requirements:
      1. website width should fit within 1024px
      2. banner should fit within 160px of height
      3. navigation should fit at least 8 navigation items
      4. visual design should not distract from content
      5. industry specific design elements should still be relevant and appealing in 2010

      The Keepers (Most of which still need some amount of redesign)
      1. Gulona - good colors, decent nav, salvagable
      2. Beautiful Day - good colors, good nav
      3. Bitter Sweet - Decent color scheme, good nav, usable
      4. Bright Pixel - Nice portliest, simple nav, good color scheme
      5. Brochure - good header, decent nav (needs work), decent portliest
      6. Brownie - nice nav, good size header, rework colors
      7. Chit Chat - Simple, good colors, needs some life, but salvageable
      8. Cimus - good colors, good nav, good header
      9. Cleap - clean, simple, good color, usable
      10. Coffee N Cream - This is just overall nicely done.
      11. Dirtylicious - simple, good colors, good nav, clean
      12. Envision- decent layout and nav, salvagable
      13. Kort - good colors, nav and header
      14. Murali - very unique, still general, portliest need work, still usable
      15. Organica - good nav, decent colors, fonts, usable, simple header
      16. Speedy - aaron wants to keep it and its fast
      17. Transparenthia - Clean, simple, good colors, left nav is nice
      18. Zen-Like: cool blog style theme, decent colors, needs some work
      19. Wordpress - simple, clean, good colors, not sure about right nav

      see a pattern here?

      To Be Deleted (using above requirements, or they did not meet asthetic standards):
      1. Blue Pigment
      2. Casino
      3. City Blues*
      4. Colorus
      5. Crystal X
      6. Dejem
      7. Ecogreen
      8. Facebook
      9. Foliage
      10. Geekray 3D
      11. Giclee
      12. Glassica
      13. Glowstick
      14. Highlighter
      15. Highway
      16. Indigo
      17. My Office
      18. Natural Essence
      19. Night Out
      20. Panelo
      21. Portfolio
      22. Prime Time
      23. Pure
      24. Rock Blog
      25. Salome Art
      26. Section 508
      27. Social Office
      28. Spirit of Nature
      29. Spurt*
      30. Street Style
      31. Summer Breeze
      32. SupaStar
      33. Super Mario 1 + 2 (these are fun but not practical or functional at all and break above rules, thats why i put them on this list)
      34. Techie
      35. Tuxedo
      36. University
      37. WebSynergy
      38. Webcorp
      39. iGoogle

      Moving forward, Jon is going to be deleting themes from the repository and Aaron, myself, Brad, and Yoshi are going to be working on fresh themes for 6.0. I have already begun working on a few themes that have Aaron's approval thus far.

      Thanks Everyone,





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