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[Dashboard] Apply pagination on bulk reassign workflow instances



      As an execution manager, I want to bulk reassign workflow instances from overloaded users, so that I can choose the exactly steps I want to reassign. Also, if the number of tasks selected is too high, I want to navigate through them using pagination, so that I can have a better visualization of the steps.

      The Workflow Metrics is capable of helping users understand predict delivery times and understand which participants are meeting the expected deadlines at each stage of the process. However, when a bottleneck is found due to a couple of users being overloaded with tasks, one of the main actions that execution managers may need is reassign some of those tasks to other user that are idle or less overloaded.

      This Story aims to allow users to choose a multiple instance in the Workflow Metrics instance list screen and reassign them to another user.

       Design Deliverables

      Bulk Reassign With Same Reassignee Mockups

      Bulk Reassign With Different Assignees

      Acceptance Criteria
      1- User should be able to mark the checkboxes of one or more instances in the "Workflow instances list screen" and bulk reassign all tasks of those instances to another user;

      2- The bulk reassign option should be available in all and any "Workflow instances list screen", doesn't matter how the user did access it;

      3- The reassign option should open a modal, according to the mockups, and list all the pending (open) tasks associated with each and all instances selected. This screen should also let the user select which tasks he desires to reassign to another user;

      • If more than 5 items are loaded in the modal, a pagination option should be available
      • The maximum number of items that can be seen in the modal is 20 items per page
      • If the user selects one item, an option "Select All Remaining Items" should be displayed
        • If the user selects "Select All Remaining Items", only the tasks from the current page should be marked and NOT all tasks from all pages
      • The user should be able to filter this task list screen per Assignee or per Step and the pagination should be updated accordingly.

      4- After selecting the tasks he wishes to reassign, the user should be redirected to a second screen, in which he can either:

      • 4.1- Choose a new assignee for all the tasks;
        • This option should let the user select only assignees that are compatible with all selected tasks;
      • 4.2- Choose a new assignee for each task individually tasks
        • This option should let the user choose the assignee of each task. The system should only allow user to select the assignees that are compatible with the task.

      5- [Nice to have] If feasible, when listing the compatible new assignees for that instance, the system could also inform how many Workflow tasks are assigned for each user of the list in that moment.

      Definitions of Done

      • Related tests created and passed successfully;
      • All Acceptance Criteria were passed;
      • Make sure that all system documentation were updated (if necessary);
      • Validated by QA, Product Designer and/or PM;
      • No critical issue related to Story scope (ex.: similar of a FP4, FP5 bug);
      • Code with peer review completed.


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