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Inactive users still showing up on Performance by Assignee table


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: Won't Fix
    • Affects Version/s: Master
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    • Component/s: Workflow
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      Performance by Assignee is only suppose to display data on Active Users. Deactivating a user should mean they no longer show up.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Go to Control Panel/Users/Users and Organizations.
      2. Create a new user. Give the new user memebership to Liferay, and role of Administrator.
      3. Go to Control Panel/Workflow/Process Builder.
      4. Click Configuration and set Blogs Entry to Single Approver.
      5. Go to Liferay/Content & Data/Blogs and create a new blog post.
      6. Click on your Avatar and go to My Workflow Tasks/Assigned to my Roles.
      7. Assign the new user the blog post.
      8. Log out and log in as the new user.
      9. Click on your Avatar and go to My Workflow Tasks.
      10. Approve of the blog post.
      11. Log back in as yourself (test test).
      12.Go to Control Panel/Users/Users and Organizations.
      13. Deactivate new user.
      14. Go to Control Panel/Workflow/Metricsand select Single Approver.
      15.Click on the Performance tab.

      What to Expect
      Performance by Assignee table to show no data for the new user.

      Actual Result
      New user is listed along with their completed task and average completion Time.

      Produced on
      Tomcat.9.0.17 Mysql 5.7.28
      Portal 7.3.0 CE GA1 and Portal 7.3.10
      Commit abcae1f60c4165789e9d186e4046706d6938d01b




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