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Display message when I am not synced to AC but I am connected




      1. Configure your data source in Analytics Cloud, but don't sync your site
      2. Try to Create one AB Test in your Liferay Portal

      Actual result:

      2. A panel inviting the user to open Analytics Cloud is shown with a message a bit confuse, such as below:

      Connect to Analytics Cloud

      A/B test requires connection with Analytics Cloud.

      In fact, the connection with the AC was made, the data source was added! however the problem is that the current site was not authorized, not the data source (connection) and we need to leave clear this limitation and not saying what is being displayed.

      Besides that, the panel shows a button which should leads the user to AC, but this link is broken. When the user clicks on the link, no action happens

      Expected behavior:

      2. When the Analytics Cloud is connected, but analytics are not enabled for the current site: A panel inviting the user to open Analytics Cloud is shown instead of the AB test panel in content pages (discuss with the UX a message more appropriated to this scenario), and the link displayed must work properly

      Acceptance Criteria

      • When the user access to the AB Testing panel
      • And you're connected with AC but not synced
      • Then the panel shows a proper message for that (similar to content performance panel)

      Tests Scenarios

      AC ID Test Strategy Test Scenarios Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd? (unit or integration) Poshi?
      01 Regression Error message is displayed when DXP is connected with AC but not synced NO NO




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