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      To Do


      This epic contains all the User Stories aiming to decouple the Workflow Metrics UI by removing its dependencies from Kaleo.

      Goals of the decouple:

      • Be able to accept JSON representations of the workflow event messages.
        • Basically, we would be adding an endpoint that can be pushed workflow analytics events.
      • Capture the JSON events and convert them into ES documents.
      • For the SLA piece, we need to provide a different way of seeing the workflow.

      Mapped dependencies:

      1. The first dependency is fromĀ listeners that are the entry point for metrics, it can be removed by adding an endpoint to receive it as an Object defined on the API instead of Kaleo entities.
      2. The second dependency is from indexers that are used for reindexing operations, this can be removed by creating a configuration where it will set an endpoint when we want to do a reindex operation, we will send a message that the engine resends all data again.
      3. The third dependency is from SLADefinitionTransformer which, when the definition is updated, receives a message to try to update the SLA, it can also be replaced by an endpoint.




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