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Result Rankings: Generic error UX when attempting to activate duplicate ranking



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Navigate to the Result Rankings portlet and create a new result ranking with the query article
      2. Deactivate the ranking and save
      3. Create a duplicate result ranking with the same query article
      4. Leave this ranking active and save
      5. Navigate back to the inactive article ranking
      6. Switch the "Inactive" toggle to "Active" and save

      Expected result: A red error alert pops up on the bottom left of the screen that reads: "Error: Active search queries and aliases must be unique across all rankings." and the user remains within the ranking form with unsaved changes still present. The error message is the same one when attempted to activate a duplicate result ranking on the main result ranking landing page. The behavior is similar to the error that appears when attempting to save the form with a duplicate alias.
      Actual result: Generic error alert appears and user is navigated to an Error page. Any unsaved changes from the form is lost.

      Reproduced on:
      Portal master git commit: 58f1f01723f38530f51c078ce36ca6068fc4cd06


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          Joshua Chong
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          Kevin Tan

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