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Create shortcuts to videos stored in external services



      As a content creator

      I want to be able to use Liferay to upload videos to streaming services seamlessly

      so that I can use them to create my content without shutting down the server


      Integrate with different video streaming platforms (youtube, vimeo, red5 (possible integration in DXP cloud?) so marketers can upload videos to those platforms and use them seamlessly as other types of assets to create content.

      Video is becoming more and more important at the time of creating great experiences. However, Liferay does not provide good support for it. Although the document library allows users to upload videos and support preview through xuggler (to be substituted), it is not prepared for streaming, causing the server to crash in case a video is published on a public page. Additionally, we just have a preview for the video, with low quality, so even if the server keeps up and running, the experience for end-users is not optimal.


      The goal of this epic is to allow Liferay integrate with dedicated video services such as Youtube or Vimeo, and allow marketers to seamlessly use uploaded videos, categorize them and use them to create content in Liferay.


      Use cases to support:

      • Create a shortcut to a video already uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo
      • Provide the videos in the search results, with the embedded player.
      • Allow using the videos from any ck editor that has video enabled: blogs, rich text fields, fragments? (discuss with echo having a video fragment)


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