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As a site admin, I want to assign site roles to site-level segments



      LPS-105970 provides a UI to create and assign segments to regular roles. However site admins and site content producers will not necessarily have access to the Control Panel, so this story enables the capability of assigning site roles to segments defined at the site level.
      Here's a relatively straightforward way to implement site-level roles. Add an Assign Site Roles action menu to the existing segments created in a site's People > Segments portlet.

      The experience would look like:

      1. Create a site role in Control Panel > Users > Roles > Site Roles.
      2. Create a segment in the site menu > People > Segments.
      3. Click on the new segment's action menu > Assign Site Roles. (new. This action menu item should appear between View Members and Permissions)
      4. Show a dialog allowing user to assign/unassign site roles. (This is the same pattern as site menu > People > Memberships > Users > a user's action menu > Assign Site Roles)

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. When a site-level segment is assigned a site role, all users in that segment should be provisioned with the permissions defined for that site role
      2. Conversely to #1, when a site-level role is unassigned from a segment, all segmented users should be de-provisioned.
      3. Similarly to #2, when a segment is deleted, all segmented users should be de-provisioned.

      Test Scenarios

      Test Scenarios Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd ? (unit or integration)  
      All users in segment will have permissions defined for a site role where it is assigned No Yes SegmentsEntryRoleContributorTest
      All segmented users will lose site-level permissions when site-level role is unassigned from segment No Yes SegmentsEntryRoleContributorTest#testHasGroupPermissionWhenDeletingSegmentsEntryRole
      All segmented users will lose site-level permissions when segment is deleted No Yes SegmentsEntryRoleContributorTest#testHasGroupPermissionWhenDeletingSegmentsEntry
      All segmented users will lose site-level permissions when the site-level role is deleted No Yes SegmentsEntryRoleContributorTest#testHasGroupPermissionWhenDeletingSiteRole


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