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Asset Publisher page scopes are not correctly sorted by whether they are public or private layouts



      When selecting a scope for an Asset Publisher, "Pages" will always show public layouts, but never private layouts. This is incorrect behavior per PTR-1434. Private layouts should show private layout scopes, public layouts should show public layout scopes.

      Reproduction Steps

      1. Create one public page (Public1) and two private pages (e.g. Private1 and Private2).
      2. On the public page and the first private page, place Message Boards Portlet. Set their scope to the pages that they are on, Public1 and Private1.
      3. On the second private page, place an Asset Publisher. Go into Configuration > Scope and select "Other Sites". Navigate to the "Pages" tab.

      Expected Behavior: "Private1" scope is visible and can be selected. "Public1" cannot be selected.

      Actual Behavior: "Private1" scope is not visible. "Public1" scope is visible and can be selected.


      Reproduced in:

      7.2.x - 5a89fd55a96e453989bd975e144c9375f2012d7d

      This issue is not reproducible in Master since "Pages" scope no longer is an option for Asset Publisher configuration due to a regression bug. Per, PTR-1476, the issue is still under discussion. However, since the base code for the fix still exists, the fix will still be sent to Master first.


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