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As a page administrator I can select Navigation Menus defined in Global to be displayed in the Navigation Widget



      Liferay allows creating navigation menus within a site. However it's not possible to define navigation menus in global to be reused across site. Having this ability would allow portal admins to set common navigation menus that would show up in each and every site as read only. Right now to create common footer navigation across all sites, it's not really possible and if it is possible it doesn't seem intuitive enough for normal people to set up.

      This would allow better dissemination of footer or header links across all sites of a portal, without needing to dig into a theme template file. It's possible to achieve right now but usually only by developers with deep Liferay knowledge. New developers and portal admins without developer resources cannot achieve global navigation.

      Navigation menus defined in Global should only support types of menu items that make sense outside of a specific site context. For example, the "Page" out of the box menu item type only makes sense within a site, since that's where the pages reside. For third party developers, a new method called isAvailable() will be created in the SiteNavigationMenuItemType interface to allow hiding the option in Global (or other incompatible contexts). 

      In order for a Page Administrator to be able to select a Navigation Menu defined in global, it's necessary that they have "View" permission for that Navigation Menu. By default all users have "View" permission for newly created menus.

      Test Scenarios

      Test Scenarios Test Strategy Kind of test Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd ? (unit or integration)
      Can select Global Navigation Menu via Navigation Menu widget in normal site Smoke Manual No No
      Assert no option to add displayed page in Global Navigation Menu Smoke Manual No No
      Assert add button missing in Navigation Menu widget when choose a Global Navigation Menu Regression Manual No No
      Don't support Add page to Global Navigation Menu when creating a new page Smoke Manual No No
      Can add displayed content to Global Navigation Menu in Navigation Menus admin Regression Manual No No
      Can not view Global Navigation Menus via Navigation Menu widget in normal site if the user without View permission Sanity Manual No No
      Can edit Global Navigation Menu via Navigation Menu widget in normal site Sanity Manual No No


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