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Feature Request: Limiting an administrator's ability to make modifications to assets in DXP when using Internet Explorer 11


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      As noted in the 7.2 Compatibility Matrix, support for Internet Explorer 11 has now entered a limited phase. In this phase, issues reported only affecting Internet Explorer 11 are resolved on a case-by-case basis, and some reported issues deemed to be unintended behavior will not be resolved if the behavior is determined to be a limitation with Internet Explorer 11.

      Due to this, it would be useful to provide a way to limit an administrator's ability to access and make changes to DXP when using IE 11. This would prevent issues where changes made in different browsers are incompatible (a general example would be using IE 11 to add legacy parameters to an asset using Alloy Editor's code view, which Chrome/Firefox/Edge then can't process properly, leading to misshapen published content).

      A specific example of what this would resolve would be when two users make edits to the width of an image in a web content asset (one in Chrome and one in IE 11), which causes the HTML dimensions to conflict:

      <img alt="" height="190" src="/documents/38386/0/308_green_wheat.jpg/ec05cc64-7cac-432a-5257-05287e0f706f?t=1579107653610" style="width: 246px; height: auto;" width="338" /></a></p>


      Based on client feedback, I propose two potential methods for how this could be implemented, to help clients better prevent unexpected behavior being encountered by end users:

      1. Implement a setting that could make Internet Explorer "read-only." For example, administrators could still log in and access the control panel, but when trying to edit assets, fields would be greyed out and they would not be able to make any changes, etc.

      2. Implement a method to lock out administrators from from DXP entirely when using IE 11 (for example, when logging in to the admin console, users would instead be presented with some sort of "Editing has been disabled while using Internet Explorer 11 – please use a different browser to manage content" page instead of accessing the control panel.




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