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Incorrect redirect from forms when they are submitted in content display pages



      After performing an action from a display template page, the redirection is not correctly carried out.

      The query param string 'redirect' present when you are in the display template page is ignored.

      An example of a set of steps to reproduce is by placing a form in a display template page, and submitting it:

      1. Add a new simple form.
      2. Add a new display page template "dpt": include the form widget on it and select the recently created form to display.
      3. Add a new web content, "wc": set as its display page template the one created in 2.
      4. Add a new widget page, 'test', and include an Asset Publisher on it.
      5. Click on "wc", listed in the Asset Publisher. It redirects you to "dpt". Check the redirect parameter in the URL, for example: http://localhost:8080/web/guest/w/wc?redirect=%2Fweb%2Fguest%2Ftest
      6. Fill and submit the form of "dpt".

      Expected result: after submitting the form, it redirects you to /web/guest/test, as indicated in the parameter.

      Current result: after submitting the form, you are redirected to the display template page, that now looks empty.

      Note: the same happens if for example you place a Blogs Portlet in the dpt: if you try to create a new entry or subscribe to them, you are forwarded then to the wrong page.


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