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User Segment specific Assets Lists are not correctly published to live site



      Reproduction steps:

      1. Set up and start a portal
      2. Create a new site called testsite
      3. Create 2 public widget pages: home and admin
      4. Create three basic web contents A, B and C with some content
      5. Setup a local staging, with Segments staged
      6. Go to menu People / Segments and create two segments. First where URL (Select SESSION > URL) contains 'home' (name is HOME) and second where url contains 'admin' (name it ADMIN).
      7. Go to Content & Data / Content Sets and create a new 'Manual Selection' content set with name DEMO. 
      8. Choose web content A for Anyone. 
      9. Create two personalized variations one for HOME and choose web content B, one for ADMIN and choose web content C. 
      10. Go to home page of staging site and add an Asset Publisher configured to show Content Set DEMO
      11. Go to admin page of staging site and add an Asset Publisher configured to show Content Set DEMO
      12. Access pages with the following URLs on the Staging site and verify the Web Contents shown in Asset Publishers:
        http://localhost:8080/web/testsite-staging ==> Content A
        http://localhost:8080/web/testsite-staging/home ==> Content B
        http://localhost:8080/web/testsite-staging/admin ==> Content C
      13. Initiate a new publication by publishing all the pages, segments and content set
      14. Visit the pages of the Live site

      Expected behavior:

      Actual behavior:

      Looking at the AssetListEntryAssetEntryRel table, it seems like segmentsEntryId fields are not updated correctly for Live records. They are basically the same IDs as in Staging.
      The SegmentsEntry table contains the right IDs that they should have been using instead.




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