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IM_MemberRequest table not created correctly during upgrade from 6.2



      After upgrading to Master from 6.2 EE with Social Office installed, there is a database table MemberRequest. In an instance created using a clean bundle, the table is called IM_MemberRequest.

      It looks like there is a discrepancy between the service.xml and MemberRequestTable.java and its consequences through its use in com.liferay.invitation.invite.members.internal.upgrade.v1_0_0.UpgradeNamespace.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1) Startup Liferay 6.2 SP20
      2) Deploy Social Office EE Application along with License
      3) Verify SO_MemberRequest Table is generated
      4) Navigate to Users and create a couple of Users
      5) Navigate to Control panel -> Configuration -> Social Office Configs Enable Social Office
      6) Select Test Test and newly created Users
      7) Click Save
      8) Add Invite Members portlet to the main page
      9) Invite the created users to join the page.
      10) Observe the SO_MemberRequest Table contains data
      11) Shutdown Liferay 6.2
      12) Run upgrade tool to Master
      13) Check the database for IM_MemberRequest table

      Expected Result: IM_MemberRequest table exists
      Actual Result: SO_MemberRequest table no longer exists and has been changed to MemberRequest. This is concerning as there seems to be a discrepancy between the service.xml and MemberRequestTable.java, which could result in unintended consequences through its use in com.liferay.invitation.invite.members.internal.upgrade.v1_0_0.UpgradeNamespace.

      Note When there is data currently in the SO_MemberRequest table the table is renamed to MemberRequest, if there is no data in SO_MemberRequest during the upgrade, the table is left as is. In either case, the table should be changed to IM_MemberRequest

      Additional testing:
      72x: 1d380f4743d8445416bb4d0b4605b64d3aa2f533 - Issue reproduced
      master: cd88252c3891fd40e757e2c658ef6c1c7b257f9a - Issue reproduced




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