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As a search admin, I would like to be able to disable synonyms to be applied on phrase queries (quoted search)


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      Current behavior
      On DXP 7.2 SP1+

      1. Create two Web Content articles titled House of Chip and House of Dale
      2. Create a Synonym Set chip,dale under Control Panel > Search Tuning > Synonyms
      3. Search for House of Chip from the Search Bar widget
        Result: Both articles are displayed.
      4. Search for "House of Chip" (quote the previous search term for exact matching).
        Result: Both articles are displayed again
      5. Delete the Synonyms Set you created and repeat the quoted search
        Result: Only one article is returned, the one that matches exactly

      Customer expectation
      Users may expect that quoted searches will still return exact matches only even if there are matching synonyms sets.


      • Quotes don't disable synonyms in Elasticsearch,
      • We are using https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/6.8/analysis-synonym-graph-tokenfilter.html and it does not mention that synonyms should not be applied on phrase queries
      • From usability aspect, not being able to search for exact match if a respective synonym set is used cannot be really considered as a bug. The rationale behind, synonyms set was designed for real synonyms (cell phone, mobile phone), hence a synonym match for an exact match query is an adequate behavior.
      • The intended behavior is subjective, therefore it requires further evaluation of the possibility of improving this feature in the future.


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