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Site Administrator not able to publish individual content to remote live



      Reproduction steps:

      1. Set up two portal instances in a remote staging configuration

      2. In the Staging instance go to Control Panel --> Users --> Users and Organizations and create a User.

      3. In the "Membership" add the Liferay site to the User.

      4. In the Roles of this User add the Site Administrator under the Site Roles.

      5. Go to Content & Data --> Web content --> and add a few web contents.

      6. Go to the Live Instance to Control Panel --> Sites and create a Blank Site (LiveSite) and copy the Site ID.

      7. Create a User (user should have the same email ID as in Staging instance) and add the LiveSite to the User and the Site Administrator to it.

      8. Go to Staging Instance and to Publishing --> Staging and enable remote Staging by filling out the following:

      Remote Host/IP: localhost

      Remote Port: 9080 or whatever port you have.

      Remote Site ID: The LiveSite ID

      9. Log out and login back as the new User

      10. Go to Content & Data --> Web Content and click on one of the Web Content's 3 dots and click Publish to Live.

      Actual Result: The publication fails with the following error in the UI:

      "Error:You do not have the required permissions."

      Expected Result: Publication should be successful of the chosen web content for a Site Administrator.





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