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Results Ranking page fails to load after adding a new ranking



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Navigate to Control Panel > Search Tuning > Result Rankings
      2. Click plus button
      3. Add query

       Expected Result: Page loads

       Actual Result: Page load indefinitely


      Results Ranking Error
      liferay-amd-loader | 
       A require() call has failed but no failure handler was provided.
       Note that even if the call stack of this error trace looks like coming from the Liferay AMD Loader, it is not an error in the Loader what has caused it, but an error caused by the require() call.
       The reason why the Loader is in the stack trace is because it is printing the error so that it doesn't get lost.
       However, we recommend providing a failure handler in all require() calls to be able to recover from errors better and to avoid the appearance of this message.
       Some information about the require() call follows:
         · Require call id: 5 
         · Required modules: (9) ["metal-dom/src/all/dom", "clay-tooltip/src/ClayTooltip", "portal-search-ranking-web@1.0.18/js/ResultRankingsApp.es", "metal-dom/src/all/dom", "metal-position/src/Position", "clay-alert/src/ClayToast", "metal-dom/src/dom", "clay-dropdown/src/ClayDropdown", "portal-template-react-renderer-impl@3.0.2/render.es"] 
         · Missing modules: (n/a) 
         · Stack trace of the require() call: 
                  at e.value (http://localhost:8080/o/frontend-js-web/loader/loader.js:1:5898)
                  at <anonymous>:148:16
                  at Function.run (http://localhost:8080/o/js/resolved-module/frontend-js-metal-web$metal-dom@2.16.8/lib/globalEval.js?languageId=en_US:53:20)
                  at Function.runScript (http://localhost:8080/o/js/resolved-module/frontend-js-metal-web$metal-dom@2.16.8/lib/globalEval.js?languageId=en_US:116:24)
                  at Function.runScriptsInOrder (http://localhost:8080/o/js/resolved-module/frontend-js-metal-web$metal-dom@2.16.8/lib/globalEval.js?languageId=en_US:153:16)
                  at http://localhost:8080/o/js/resolved-module/frontend-js-metal-web$metal-dom@2.16.8/lib/globalEval.js?languageId=en_US:155:18
                  at callback (http://localhost:8080/o/js/resolved-module/frontend-js-metal-web$metal-dom@2.16.8/lib/globalEval.js?languageId=en_US:105:19)
                  at MessagePort.channel.port1.onmessage (http://localhost:8080/o/js/resolved-module/frontend-js-metal-web$metal@2.16.8/lib/async/async.js?languageId=en_US:196:5) 
       Error: The following problems where detected while resolving modules:
          · Missing dependency ':ERROR:Package frontend-js-react-web$symbol-observable which is a dependency of frontend-js-react-web$redux@4.0.1 is not deployed in the server' of 'frontend-js-react-web$redux@4.0.1/lib/redux'
          at e.value (loader.js:440)
          at loader.js:284

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 9.0.17 + MySQL 5.7 Portal 7.2.x GIT ID: 43511035a99ecdf8f42d87cbbfa1c780b482ed6d


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