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Invisible (inactive) users in Role Assignees


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      Steps to reproduce:

      • Install new version, choose a custom administrator email in Setup Wizard (not [email protected])
      • Observe that [email protected] is still created, though deactivated (Control Panel / Users / Users and Organizations / Set filter to "inactive") - This is because I'm keeping the default hsql database.
      • Go to Control Panel / Users / Roles
      • Observe that "Administrator" and "Power User" has 2 assignees
      • Click either of the roles and go to the "Assignees" tab
      • You'll see one assignee, with no filtering option to get to the inactive users.

      A mismatch between the reported user count and the displayable user account in the area of user- and permission management is disturbing at a minimum.

      Note: [email protected] will only be created if you keep the default hsql database - but that's not the point of this issue. You may also choose another database, create a second user, assign it to a role, then deactivate that user. Keeping hsql just shortens the process on a new installation. If you're reproducing on an existing installation, you might just want to check this second option: Assign any user to a role, deactivate them, and check that the user count still reflects the deactivated users and they're not explorable through the UI.




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