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Migrate "file" button in forms like file upload


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      Interactive Zones:

      • Container Click: allows to select a file from the computer, clicking the container will activate the OS finder.
      • Container Drop: allows to drag and drop a file from the computer.

      Component states: 

      • Default: will be possible to click on the whole container to select a file, drag&drop of a file is also possible inside the container.
      • DragEnter: when dragging a file inside the container the background will change.
      • Uploading: when a file was selected (click) or dropped (drag&drop), the system will validate it. If accepted, the uploading state will be activated with the loading bar and the name of the file. If rejected, the component will activate the error state. It is possible to Cancel the Uploading event by pressing the X button (it will use a Tooltip showing: "Cancel Upload").
      • Success (Read Only): when a file has finished the upload, the name will be still present and it will be possible to remove a file by pressing the X button (it will use a tooltip showing "Remove File"). It should be possible to upload again only after removing the previous uploaded file.
      • Error Case: when a file was selected or dragged the system will validate it. If rejected, the component will show the error message and the container will change color.
        • The container will change color (from grey to red tones) for 300ms and will go back to normal after that time. The goal is to generate a feel of "rejected".
        • The message will remain visible until the user upload a new file that is accepted.
        • Once a new file is accepted, the message will disappear and the state will change to Success




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