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A user can not delete a resource that has gone all the way through the workflow if the related 'Workflow Definition' gets deleted.



      1. Navigate to the 'Workflow' portlet.
      2. Add a new Workflow Definition.
      3. Navigate to the 'Workflow Configuration' portlet.
      4. Configure the Resource 'Blogs Entry' to the newly created 'Workflow Definition'.
      5. Navigate to the 'Blogs' portlet.
      6. Add a Blogs Entry.
      7. Navigate to the 'My Workflow Tasks' portlet.
      8. Assign to Me the Workflow Task.
      9. Approve the Workflow Task.
      10. Navigate to the 'Workflow Configuration' portlet.
      11. Configure the Resource 'Blogs Entry' back to 'No Workflow'.
      12. Navigate to the 'Workflow' portlet.
      13. Deactivate the 'Workflow Definition' you created.
      14. Delete the 'Workflow Definition' you created.
      15. Navigate back to the 'Blogs' portlet.
      16. Try to delete the approved 'Blogs Entry'.

        • It will take you to a page that displays the error message: 'Blogs is temporarily unavailable.' **
        • Tomcat will throw the attached Exception. **
        • Something similar happens w/ every resource that can go through Workflow.. Blogs Entrys, Comments, Documents, Message Boards Messages, Web Content, Wiki Pages. **




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