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Improve WYSIWYG CKEditor Infrastructure



      When we started working on AlloyEditor, 4 or 5 years ago, CKEditor had a very limited API that forced us to rebuild the editor UI entirely.

      In this lapse of time, CKEditor4 has caught up and introduced many of the features that we built ourselves for AlloyEditor:

      As of today, we would likely benefit from a simpler integration leveraging CK4 new features rather than having to develop and maintain a complete editor on top.

      Goal of this Epic

      To improve our WYSIWYG CKEditor Infrastructure to simplify usage within the platform and future extensibility

      Acceptance Criteria

      • The module frontend-editor-ckeditor-web offers React components that safely wrap CKEditor for usage in the product
      • The new CKEditor visual styles have been applied
      • Internal usages of the ckeditor type of editor have been migrated to ckeditor_classic
      • CKEditor offers accessibility checker by default
      • CKEditor bundle is streamlined and loads only the necessary amount of plugins loading the rest lazily

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